How To Track And Measure The Productivity Of Your Employees

It doesn’t matter whether you a startup or whether you are a multinational company. That is because irrespective of the size of your company you would only have one goal. This would be to increase your productivity. However, in order to increase the overall productivity of your company you need to assess the productivity of your employees. This is not the easiest thing to accomplish. That is because with the development of technology it is possible for people to engage in personal work. This could happen even when they are in office. However, that does not mean there is not a way to assess this productivity. 

Measure Tasks

If you are working in the delivery industry you can easily use fleet management software on your employees. This way you can determine whether they are on their route or not. But what can you do when you are dealing with office employees? Some of these individuals not only turn up for work late. But you also cannot determine whether they are working or not. That is because even if they tend to stare at their computer all day you cannot make this determination. That is because you all you know they may be doing their personal work. Thus, that is why you shouldn’t measure the amount of time they are in office. Instead, measure their productivity by the number of tasks they complete. When you assign them a task you can measure how much time they take to finish this work. Do they tend to take the appropriate amount of time or go beyond this amount?

Look At Their Results

If you look at certain tow truck drivers proper gps trackers you would see that irrespective of unavoidable delays they do their work. They may do this by working overtime or even on their time. Thus, in this way, another way to measure productivity is by looking at the results. There can be some employees who don’t come to work on time. But they would stay till late to finish all the work they have been assigned. Furthermore, they don’t just complete this work they excel at what they are doing.


We understand that you expect your employees to work according to a certain standard. But you cannot expect the employees to automatically know what this standard is. Instead, you need to communicate your expectations to them. if you expect them to finish the work within a specific deadline then mention this fact to them. Furthermore, you should also let them know that you expect them to communicate with you.
We know technology can hinder the productivity of your employees. But understand that you can also use technology to measure their productivity and improve it.

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